4 things you must know before buying that lipstick!


It is the dream of every girl to look and feel beautiful, even though they sometimes don’t acknowledge it. But in our quest to look beautiful, we forget to check the beauty products we depend on, because for some reasons we’ve come to trust these beauty brands more than we even trust ourselves. So here’s are five things we think you must know before buying any beauty product…

1. Know what you can rock!

Some people have this “follow-follow” syndrome that they don’t know colours that will suit their face or lips, they sha just want to look as good as their friends. It’s important you know that your friend’s face might be different from yours, and that way what her face will effortlessly rock what you will need extra effort to pull of.

2.  Know what works for you!

Some people don’t take close observation of themselves, so the don’t know if and when they’re reacting to moist lipstick or not. Yes, people react to it. Before buying any lipstick, know which works better for you. Are you comfortable with moist or glossy lips or you prefer the dried look. These are things you need to know before buying a lipstick so that you don’t get their with an indecisive look.

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3.  Know what you’re allergic to:

You heard me! Yes… You have to think of allergies where lipsticks or anything you’re applying to your skin is concern. There are products that your skin is probably allergic to, and not knowing that can make you suffer what I went through after using a moist pink lipstick by a renowned international makeup brand, which apparently contained what my immune system couldn’t tolerate… The result of my beauty choice was a swollen face and itch all over my body… Wondering how lipstick could do that? Let’s hear it…

4. Know that your lip has got pores!

You know, what you were wondering was exactly what I told the doctor I went to see… “How in God’s name did the LIPstick affect my BODY?” And the doctor gave me a simple logic i probably never considered during my itchy time… “Your lip gat pores.” Isn’t that why we’ve been told to exfoliate our lips so the pores can be opened for healthy reasons? How did I ever forget that?

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So yes, let’s check whatever we put on our lips, because everything coming in contact with either your lip or skin, is a traveller that intends travelling through your body! And you wouldn’t want your beauty choice make you look like that troll from Merlin, would you?

Meanwhile, watch the video below and tell us how long you can go without your makeup!

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