5 Annoying habits girlfriends tolerate for the ring


One general belief about relationship is how partners should accept the flaws of their other… you know how the saying goes “take me as I am”, but trust me, sometimes people are too much to take them all in as they are, but wetin babes go do? They get to tolerate so much as they patiently hustle for the ring.
So here are five intolerable habits women tolerate for the ring.

1. Snoring:

Have you ever had an extremely noisy generator, you wish you can put it off but you need its electricity? The necessary unnecessary things that we have to deal with in life. This is just one of the things ladies go through as they hustle for the ring. An uncontrollable snoring dude whose breathe has a way of coming alive when he’s asleep… can’t they silently release all the air they take in?
2. The love for football:

Now why would a guy be asking for a committed relationship when he is already married to the game? You can’t be expecting the lady to start begging for a heart that is no longer yours to give na. But then, there goes the sad story “the babe gats bear”, he loves the game, you love the game lover, just save yourself the heartache and love the game with him… at least that way you still get to be with him… as na HIM konsign you.
3. Not flushing after urinating:

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Aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!! How many of you hate this like I do? For strange reasons I don’t know why some guys do this. Now this is sometimes the height of tolerance from a lady especially for ladies that are always sleeping over at BAE’s. Are  you dating a baby? Hell no! So why are they so tired to perform a simple task like winding down the handle of a water cistern … things we take sha!
4. Side chic disease:

it is amazing how some babes know, not suspect, that their boo has a boo, and still decide to stay in the relationship, all in the name of love. Like how far can we go for the sake of union? The rate at which women tolerate infidelity is really courageous and with a heart like that, there should be no war. The society has made us all belief that men aren’t comfortable with just one soup, although variety still serves the same purpose. we have now believed and accepted it, that despite how it hurts knowing, something says to us that after all we’re the main chic… it is so difficult knowing that you’re either the side or main chic… now that is one terrible habit to tolerate… ladies! How do you pipu do it?
5. Forgetfulness:

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Guys, why do you think a lady tells you something about herself if you’ll only end up sending it to the recycling bin… your own bin is never even recycled, it is probably dropped and forgotten. Well, you should know that if there’s one thing a ladies love more than anything is when a man remembers something about you or something special you told him about you. It makes the lady feel special that she’s always in your mind or you pay attention to her. Now these guys claim thy do pay attention, but they forget little details about the person they consider to be Before Anyone Else.
Guys if you’re wondering why ladies don’t always come outright to tell you these things while dating, read through again, else you won’t understand.

But for the ladies, please tell me other things you’re going through from the hands of your boo as you “hustul” for the  ring, we’d love to hear from you.



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