5 Lessons to learn from the marriage of Ubi Franklin, Lilian Esoro

All the Social Media PDAs and the gushing of fans over their picture-perfect relationship has not stopped Ubi Franklin to Lilian Esoro from separating. In the wake of their one-year anniversary on November 1, 2016, which saw Ubi give an awkward, forced shout-out to his wife, while Lilian Esoro on her part ignored the date altogether, this is another celebrity marriage which should be a lesson to hormonal young adults, revving to tie the knot.
No one knows for certain what caused them to split for now, but below are five lessons that could be learned based on allegations and info from sources close to them.

  1. A Wedding is one day, Marriage is for life. DO NOT RUSH!!
    From the proposal, down to their one year anniversary, sources close to Lilian and Ubi were skeptical about their union. It is said that Lilian might not have been ready for the question when Ubi popped it and might have had cold feet about committing permanently. Even though cold feet might be a common thing when faced with the rest of your life with someone, one lesson to learn is never to ignore that gut feeling that sends signals that something is not right.
    Most people see marriage as a necessity today, and might not be fully prepared emotionally and mentally for the strain of handling issues from a partner. The secret is patience and if you are not ready to tolerate the absolute worst from that person, do not rush.
    It is better to be happy alone than to be with someone who makes you wish for better.
  2.  Social Media lies
    Taking a cue from Lilian Esoro’spost which showed the lies behind the camera, all should not be assumed well simply because a couple puts on the appearance of being happy and in love for on Instagram.
    As much as IK Ogbonna and his gorgeous wife Sonia Morales might seem the love-struck duo in front of the camera, if we’ve learned anything from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, a disaster no one outside the relationship sees might just be brewing.
    Yoruba Proverb: The worm that eats a plant, usually lives inside it.
  3.  Money cannot buy love:
    Rumors! Rumors!! Rumors!!! Rumor has it that Ubi Franklin’s gifts and finances might have been the reason his marriage held for this long. In as much as this might not be true, the restaurant opened for Lilian by him, wasn’t enough to mend whatever bridges were broken between them as she didn’t even acknowledge his gift to her on any of her pages. This shows that money might buy time, but cannot buy genuine love or in their case, love enough to let go.
    Money is good, but shouldn’t be the main reason one forgets the true leanings of the heart in pursuit of the illusion of happiness.
  4.  Prepare for war!!
    Inadequate preparation is a reason most marriages fail. In as much as a mistake might be the reason for a marriage failure, it is never too late to correct whatever is wrong, forgive, and try again. The best guess is there is no love between them because the marriage was only a year and even if it was really bad, one year is too small to decide to end things, especially with a child.
    Most of our parents might not have married for love, but a look at how they show each other respect and deference is a testament to how making an effort works. No one should be sentenced to a life with someone they don’t love but at the same time, why give up without trying?
  5.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
    Assuming they are not able to save their marriage and it’s over for good, there is a strong chance they would have learned from their mistakes and will make a better choice in their next partner. If Lilian’s posts are anything to go by, she is already making effort to move on and rebuild her life irrespective of the reports flying around, and like it or not, she is “Looking” strong for it. Even her response to Ubi’s post on Instagram was well thought and lacking in any bitterness.
    So, as much as it might not be working out with one person now, what’s to say you won’t be better for it?
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Love is not a feeling, it is a decision to hold on to one person irrespective of the distractions that come around.

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