5 Moves passionate lovers bring to the bedroom

There is always something beyond the physical with lovers who are very good in bed. Not the size of their organs, or the beauty of their appearance, it’s just something they bring to the bedroom that no one without that experience does. Below are some moves the most passionate lovers employ to bring the fire to the bedroom.


Free use emotions: Even though they might not be in love with the person, emotions run wild and free when they are getting intimate with them. Ranging from their facial expressions to their sensual moans and eye contact, using emotions wildly and freely is one of the biggest weapons of the most passionate lovers.

Tease me to please me: Climax is not the ultimate part of the journey for the most passionate lovers. The journey to it is equally exciting and they are not too keen on making it end soon. The most passionate lovers tease and please as long as possible, delaying climax till you are literally begging for a reprieve. When it finally hits,as expected, it’s earth-shattering.

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Uninhibited  display of enjoyment: Once the clothes are off, there is nothing else to hide. The most passionate lovers are less inclined to keep a game face, more into expressing their affections, enjoyment, and skills, all of which creates greater intensity during love-making. Especially for ladies, many get so preoccupied with looking sexy when having sex, that they do not enjoy the sex to its maximum. Verbal encouragements and appropriate ‘soundtracks’ are all part of the package.

Adventurous and variety: There is hardly anything too freaky for the most passionate lovers. Changing positions, adding a twist to things, flicking tongues where necessary, its all pleasure to the maximum where a truly great lover is concerned, and only the most extreme acts raise eyebrows.

Mental preparation before the main act: Preparation before the act itself is  a major requirement for great lovemaking. Like any other action, preparing would make one better at it, and as much as it might not be like the actual act, it helps one with the other moves aforementioned.

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So what are you waiting for? Ready to let loose your passion?

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