5 ways to blow your woman’s mind today!

Women may love to deny this and play rigid just to show strength but deep down, every woman, of all age range, loves to be blown away by her man. Believe it or not, there is alway this unfulfilled demeanor that a woman whose man fails to please carries around.

Simply put, you see a woman who is not pleased with her relationship, you easily notice.

Dear men, how can you lift the fog off your woman’s world? How can you make her glow even without trying so hard? How can you blow your woman’s mind?

The little things you do matter a lot. Who remembers Kenny Rogers old school number ‘Buy Me a Rose’? Little things matter to women, take it or leave it.

You can start today like right now.

Send Her A Text Right Now: Let your woman pick up her phone now and smile. Yes, a smile is enough to light up a woman from within. Not everyone is a write or a poet, you really dont have to go over the board. A sentence is enough to make her stomach twirl in excitement, a loving phrase is enough to render her knees weak for the rest of the evening. How would a woman feel if her man texted her right now that: “I’m thinking of you” Dont imagine it, try it, send that text now.Someone once sent me “Big Head” and I’m keeping that text for the rest of my life.

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Cook Or Send Her Lunch: Before you rush to crucify this point, listen up. A darling friend called me up with so much excitement in her voice. I could see her jumping from ear to ear even over the phone. Her man cooked some lunch for her. According to her, the food tasted like sawdust, but throughout the rest of the afternoon, she was weak with emotions…she could not wait to see him and spoil him in return. You dont have to burn your fingers if you are not good, just order something and take it to her if you can. Trust me, the light you would see in her eyes would light your world!

Open Doors For Her: Now, this is literally speaking and not metaphorically. I still cant grasp how our men have turned themselves to traditional folks and see these things as nonsense. Ok, so you have never done it? Do it today. Yes today… “Hey hun, why the rush? sit your pretty ass while I open the door” trust me her mouth will be agape, place a sweet kiss on it and get out to open that door. Smile at her as she steps out of the car. Let me tell you what happened to me: I became a vegetable for the rest of the evening and kept thinking… “Wow, wow, wow” I was blown away.

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Have You Tried Palm Massage: You probably havent… let me tell you what palm/finger massage does. It is therapeutic. It calms a woman like no drug can, it is powerfully sensual, it relieves tension and can make you forget you immediate worries. Simple act, great benefits! Meanwhile, the biggest benefit is your woman is in awe of you…she is blown away. Seriously, palm massage ultimately lures your woman to bed; what she does there now depends on the woman.

Lie To Your Woman: Break my head, call this weird, call me names but there is no way you can blow a woman’s mind without lieing to her. I mean it. Sometimes, the truth sounds too rigid, too staid, too serious and overtly unappealing. Try a dose of white lie once in a while and watch a live miraculous transformation. For instance, your woman isnt looking too good and you open your mouth as her man to say “why are you looking like a frog today?” She wont forgive you. I wouldnt… She knows she looks like a frog, just tell her she looks like a fish instead. Fishes are prettier. Simple. Thats all…



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