A new dawn in America, Trump and Obama meet in the white house!

Despite several protests going on against the emergence of Donald Trump as the new President of the United States, it is indeed a new dawn. From all indications, President Obama is presently passing over the reins of government to his predecessor President-elect Donald Trump.

President Obama has welcomed Trump to the White house and both are presently huddled together in a meeting. Not to forget that there has been no love lost between the two powerful men, apparently both have put their differences aside to ensure a smooth transition of government.

Meanwhile, it is also the duty of First Lady Michelle Obama to handover office to the wife of  President-elect Mrs Melania Trump. The Obamas will have to take the Trumps on a tour of the white house and the oval office.

The handshake that will finally seal the deal of handover is expected to take place soonest, sealing the fate of Americans and the world at large.

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Although the meeting has been going on for a while, both men are yet to make an official statement to the effect. The world awaits the first official photos of the Obama and Trump; not forgetting Michelle and Melanie.

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