Chidinma reveals why she cleared her Instagram photos


After leaving fans speculating for almost a day or more on why Chidinma would clear our her Instagram pictures, we felt maybe the songstress who hasn’t released any musical track for a long time might be trying to rebrand her image, starting from her Instagram account.

Well, later today, the Kedike songstress revealed to SoundcityFm in an interview her reasons for deleting her pictures from IG, which she said “I just wanted to start fresh…” If that isn’t rebranding, we don’t know what you’d call it!

She also said… “Fortified is my own record label. I took time out to find myself to be sure what kind of music I really want to do. Right now, I just want to enjoy myself basically and do music that I love. I want to express myself confidently and do music that I love. I took time out to be sure of the next step to take.”

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So let’s keep our ears open for the kind of music our Kedike loves and is comfortable doing!

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