Goldmyne fiction: The sleeping dogs! (Ep1)

Bounty knew his lecturer was still chanting about chemicals, but he was not listening to the lecture anymore, his mind was miles away even as he stared fixedly at his lecturer from his neatly chopped head to his heavily booted feet…

He wondered what Dr. Albert would look like in shorts, he smiled at the picture his mind drew! Dr. Albert’s legs were so curved that even in his trousers the minor defect was heavily pronounced.
Apart from his legs, his eyes were also faulty…without his heavily tinted glasses, Dr. Albert was as blind as a bat! You could slap him and get away with it. Only God knew how he scaled through B. A, M. A, and Phd. With those eyes.

Little wonder they had to suffer meager grades and be grateful for them…’transfer of aggression’!
Bounty chuckled loudly when he remembered how he had almost failed one of Dr. Albert’s courses just because he had asked the lecturer if a ‘B’ was a taboo! It was through serious and divine intervention he had an ‘E’ in that course.

If only this lecture would stop now! How come he was sitting so close to the front row today of all days? He really had to get out of this class in five minutes!

Just then, his cell phone beeped.
“God” He muttered under his breadth as he read the message from under his table.

‘This could mean only one thing’ He thought and broke out in hot sweat.
What could he do?
What in heaven’s name should he do? In their order of importance, he needed to get out of this class!

Bounty looked around him, his mates were busy jotting in their notes. How they did it was still a mystery, for Dr. Albert’s speed was in terabyte!

He was now sweating profusely…
He waited for ten more seconds, then luck came! Dr. Albert dipped his hand into his breast pocket, fished out a clean handkerchief, removed his glasses and began to wipe his face!

In a flash, Bounty was out!
He knew that ritual well enough to know what the Lecturer would do next…after wiping his face for a minute, he would wipe the glasses too for another minute, then he would replace his glasses, fold his hanky neatly, return it to his pocket, look up and mutter ‘excuse me’
It was enough to carry out a coup!

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They were waiting for him! He knew it! He knew the text could only mean they were getting impatient. He increased his pace and glanced briefly at his wrist. He had just four minutes…he started running.
“Maybe he didn’t get the message…”
Scally said suddenly looking at Biggy for reassurance that the message was really sent.
“Are you questioning my competence? Of course he got the message and he read it, I made sure of that before leaving his class area!” Biggy defended himself hotly.

“I don’t know why you bother, he’ll be here…he has two more minutes.”
Adams said calmly exhaling cigarette smoke through clenched teeth.

“Here he comes” Biggy whispered and all fourteen of them looked up to see Bounty running towards them. He stopped on seeing them and started walking.

Bounty stopped running when he saw them. He sighed heavily when he counted fourteen men. Then began to walk towards them. He was totally spent.

“Double up Bounty! You are so late” Bounty would recognize that voice anywhere.

“To hell with you Adam”
He said into his shirt and resumed running. He dropped flat to the ground when he got to the hill, panting heavily and sweating as heavily! He was never going to be able to talk or walk again, of that he was sure. Whatever cooperation they needed from him tonight had better not require any of the two, for the only thing he could do was to ‘pant’!

“Welcome Bounty. You were two minutes, sixteen seconds late. Lateness is a punishable offence, but we are willing to pardon you. Now, rise”

Bounty did not look up. He didn’t have to. He would recognize Adams’ voice anywhere, any day. His voice was deliberately low yet very commanding. It was the type judges would envy. Not having to scream, yet getting things done! Even Bounty wouldn’t mind having a voice like that.
“Bounty, We do NOT have all day. Please rise.”

“I can’t” That was a miracle. He actually spoke…

“Yes you can, except you need help…”
Adam said in that voice Bounty envied and loathed. He groaned in pain and tried to push himself up…it was as difficult as he expected, but better than any form of help they would render to him if he refused to yield.
He staggered to his feet and almost fell again…it wasn’t strength that held him but will.
He stood upright and covered the distance between himself and Adam, who was standing at the center of the semi-circle formed by the gang.

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“Adam, what do you want? I told you already that what you want is what I can Not give! No. Strike that. What you want is what I Will Not give! So why bother?”
Well, it was indeed a day of miracles, his first miracle was finding his voice, his second was rising and walking, the latest and greatest was standing before Adam and giving that speech…now he needed another miracle-getting out whole!
The bubble rose from Bounty’s belle and started up to his throat…he knew that was the beginning of what would be an uncontrollable laughter!
What in heaven’s name was funny in the situation was a mystery…he looked into Adams eyeballs and saw what was funny-Everything was funny!
From his admission to study Industrial chemistry to his ascension to the hills of trouble where he now stood wavering on the brink of life and death.
He smiled and shook his head sadly and determinedly.

Adams saw this reaction and stepped away. “Bounty, You just dug your grave. You should let sleeping dogs lie…” He seemed sad too, but one couldn’t be sure. Maybe he was just sad that Bounty was refusing Robert the presidential seat.

Bounty was sure Adams wouldn’t dare do anything stupid… What could he do anyway? Kill him? No way!
It was against everything he believed to step down out of fear. He saw Biggy and another guy he didn’t recognize step towards Adams, then started towards him. Fear logged in his throat and he looked sharply at his friend.
Adams, please don’t do this to me I beg you…” Biggy and the other guy seized him by his shirt and before he could say another word, his hands were twisted behind him and tied tightly. The other guy pushed him to the ground and his legs were also tied.

To be continued.



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