Goldmyne fiction: The sleeping dogs (Ep3)

Toni, Bounty’s girlfriend knew something was wrong the moment she let herself into Bounty’s room. Well, apart from the fact that Bounty had warned her to stay away untill after the election, her Aunt had also warned her sternly.
However she had been restless and could not stay away…she knew the campaign rally was going on and she had tried severally to reach Bounty on his cell phone to no avail. So here she was, with her half-healed bruises, standing in Bounty’s neatly arranged room.

If only he had listened to her! They would be fine.
Now, where could he be hiding? The election was coming up in less than 24hrs…
Maybe he was busy with the campaign, or busy in a class…then pigs could fly! Bounty never switched his phone off, class or no class! ‘God let him be fine’ She prayed silently.
Toni contemplated briefly and decided to wait for him.
She felt dizzy and her head had started to ache again…a good nap should cure that, she hoped as she dropped to the carefully laid bed, kicked her shoes off and settled for a refreshing nap.

If she slept for 2 hrs, she’d be awake by 6pm, Bounty should be home by then.
Her last thoughts before sleep claimed her mind were thoughts of Adams Olatunji Lawson! The Dark Angel!
* * *
It was dark when Toni opened her eyes, so dark that she did not know where she was.
Toni became immediately alarmed when she realised she was in Bounty’s room. Where was He?
She sat up on the bed and let her eyes get accustomed to the heavy darkness, then she reached for the switch for light but could get none…it was very late, of that she was sure. She immediately searched the bed for her phone and got it at the far end of the bed.

If she had doubts before, it was clear now that something was terribly wrong. It was 11pm. Bounty was nowhere to be found. From a very reliable source, she learnt that he had been in class that morning, but had left hurriedly before the end. He was also said to have missed the rally!
“Bounty, where are you?” she cried aloud, punching frantically at her phone..she was already tired of hearing the sonorous but mechanical voice of the operator that kept telling her she couldn’t reach Bounty!
She didn’t know whom to call. She couldn’t possibly call any of Bounty’s people. What if she was wrong and Bounty was fine? All she could do was to call Bounty’s close friends and see if they had news, then hope and pray. And that was exactly what she did.
* * *
Everyone knew that S. U. G. election days in Ajangbadi City University(A.C.U) were extremely busy days.

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This election was not going to be different. As usual, it was a lecture free day. The Student union building was already crowded and the noise was deafening as everyone tried to say something about the candidates.

The topmost and most controversial seat was the presidency…rumour even had it that one of the aspirants was missing. Well, no one knew how true that was.
Hustling and bustling continued with energy until the electoral body arrived with the materials. The activities were revived with a new and vigorous energy as the campaign managers for the aspirants also arrived with convincing and confusing stories for the students.

The election had started and everything seemed relatively normal.
Toni stood at a far corner, watching the show and searching for signs of Bounty. She could not go farther than she had:already, she had gone beyond her boundaries. She only hoped she wasn’t noticed.
She waited patiently at her vantage point waiting for the unknown.
* * *
Kumsy saw them sitting together under the huge rubber tree. When Adams called, you answered. He increased his pace, looking from left to right. He was betraying a lot of people by been out here alone, talk more of…
Adams looked up just then and Kumsy smiled sheepishly.
“How is it going buddy?” Adams asked Kumsy, stretching forth his hand at the same time.
Kumsy shook hands briefly with Adams and nodded towards Robert. He looked around carefully and exhaled loudly, toying absently with his meticulously knotted tie. He looked every inch the President of the electoral body. He really shouldn’t be here, it would spell doom if he was seen with them.
“How is it going?” Adams asked again looking steadily at Kumsy. He had entrusted everything to him…even if Bounty was lucky, he expected Kumsy to do something about it.
Kumsy shifted his weight from his left leg to his right and looked from Adams to Robert. It was easy staring into Robert’s fairly good looking face than into Adams’ angelic and dangerous demeanor.
“I’m afraid…He’s winning.” Kumsy said and sighed, running his hand through his thick dyed hair.
“How? But that is not possible…” Robert cried.
“He wasn’t at the rally, and we used it against him later during the manifesto. I particularly made sure all his guys were bought off…what happened?..Adams?”

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Robert was sweating lightly and Adams seemed too calm. That was not a good sign to Kumsy and he decided immediately to leave. He had done what they wanted him to do. He turned around and started to leave but was stopped by Adams voice.
“Kumsy?” Kumsy stopped without looking back. Ha! He was in trouble.
“Kumsy, what can you do for me?” Kumsy’s heart flew into his throat as he heard Adams’ question. Now he wished he ‘belonged’ like some friends had adviced him. “it is not easy to be the president of Distint Electoral Commission” they had warned him. He turned to Adams and his rotten friend with a puzzled look.
“Adams, what do you want me to do?” He asked with a trembling voice.
“You know.” Adams replied quietly.
“Haba! Adams, that is not possible. Already I have done much by telling you what the result seems like…I can not do more. Please understand.” Kumsy was pleading.
Robert was fuming.
Adams was smiling.
He knew what had to be done.

To be continued.


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