Jungle Justice: There is a cannibal in every man!

We have heard it before that inside every human lies a patient animal waiting to spring. Every man has the tendency to be a cannibal if the chance arises.

The truth is, justice and fear are the factors curbing the cannibal side of man.

The act of brutality and jungle justice has prevailed in the nation so much that it has even become a norm that people find fun in. This act has been so perpetrated in Nigeria to the extent that it has become a law. Petrol cans are always waiting in corners with match boxes and used ‘tyres’, waiting to the thrown over a ‘thief’ in justice.

Sadly, the perpetrators of the cannibalistic acts often get away with it and it prevails.

The sad picture of a boy pegged around seven years old made the social media go gaga yesterday after he was reported to have been lynched, brutally maimed and eventually burnt to death for stealing! Now, it really doesn’t matter when it happened, why it happened or how it happened.

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It doesn’t even matter if this happened in Afghanistan! What matters is that a young boy died a brutal death in the hands of animals.

How barbaric to beat a boy, cut him and burn him till life drained out of him!

How barbaric to stand by and watch as a young buy wriggled in pain and agony as the flames licked up his skin and his life had no choice but to flee.

How barbaric to even stand by and sob in sympathy! Nothing can justify these acts. Nothing at all!

Seriously, it is no use saying what he stole, some said ‘Garri’, some said a ‘phone’.  In my opinion however, neither of those two items was worth this boy’s life. The poor boy had probably walked up to you earlier begging for alm, what did you do? Nothing!

Then you were the first to cast the stone that drew the first blood.

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Animals… an animal lies in every man, deny it all you can. Watching alone makes you an animal.

May his soul rest in peace.

May justice prevail.


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