Matters of the heart: I’m sorry but the boy is mine!

It was like a dream, or a film, or a book. No, it was like none of those things, but something else, impossible to describe. I had become another person, quite literally lost my senses.
I had the feeling that nothing real, nothing of importance, nothing that mattered, had ever happened to me before, that I had crossed a bridge and entered another world, a magic, brilliantly lit other world, inhabited by Dan Enyeama! My best friend’s Man! What an irony!
However, my guilt was shadowed by the peace and happiness I felt… I threw caution to the wind, chewed up the annoying conscience and embraced the feeling I had never experienced before. I was always there to console my friend as she cried over Dan.
“He loved me, I saw it in his eyes, I felt it. Something happened I’m sure…” My friend had cried
“Men are like that. Just forget him. Apparently he didn’t love you enough” I did everything to make her forget Dan…
I painted him black, talked ill about all men, even threw other men at her.
“It’s a pity you never met him” She said to me one day…

Before you judge me, I never actually met Dan while he dated Peace, I only heard of him. Yes, Peace and I had been friends for ages but she met Dan when I was away in the UK studying for my masters degree. She was always talking of Daniel whenever we chatted on phone. I was so eager to meet the Man who had successfully captured my friend’s heart and who was everything my friend had painted him to be.
However, it wasn’t to be, the story changed, Dan was changing according to Peace and I had not even met this epitome of perfection!
“I don’t understand Tessy! One minute Daniel is all mine, the next minute He is so far away” Peace had cried to me one day on phone and I remember advising her to talk to him about it.
“Tessy, I have tried. I think there’s another woman” She lamented sadly and my heart went out to my friend who deserved so much to be happy.

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Well, there was indeed another woman, I was the other woman.
I had unknowingly tainted my friend’s happiness…
I met Dan Enyeama via twitter!
He wasn’t Dan Enyeama, He was just ‘Dannywill’
Peace had always talked of Daniel, never Dan. When we became pals I knew his full name as Dan Enyeama and nothing could have told me he was the same Daniel my friend loved.
We exchanged numbers and subsequently, even before I laid my eyes on him, I knew I was smitten. He was just perfect.
Everything I had ever prayed for. For three months, we had this relationship from thousands of miles away, yet it was perfect. I concluded my program and rushed home with an open heart. My best friend’s relationship was cracking and I was building a beautiful relationship. Two big reasons to rush home…
My joy knew no bounds when Dan turned out to be more charming in person. He showed me everything I had never believed about relationships. He respected me, which was more than I had ever experienced in my past relationships. He had time for me, which endeared me to him. I fell in love with him.
Peace’ heartbreak was the only dark cloud…I couldn’t talk about my relationship for fear of hurting her more. All I could do was console her while she raved about her love for Daniel and how she would do anything to have him back! All I wanted was to tell my best friend about Dan, but All I could do was promise her to do everything in my power to bring them back together!

On two occasions, I tried to divert our discussions to me so I could tell Peace about Dan but I sensed she couldn’t bear to hear of a perfect affair when her’s was suffering, so I stopped.
She wanted me to speak with Daniel and I promised I would. I wanted to see her happy so She could share in my joys too.

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My eyes almost dropped into my drooping mouth when she gave me the details of Daniel and his phone number and even showed me his picture! Her Daniel turned out to be my Dan!

I love Peace like a sister.
I love Dan much more.
And I love happiness.

I tried. I talked to Dan about Peace. Told him she was the best friend I had always talked to him about. And he confessed to me that he really hoped and wished to love her but it didn’t happen.
“Tessy, I swear to you, I really wanted to love her, I never meant to hurt her…I left before it would be too late. We aren’t meant to be”
That was Dan’s tale.
“Do you love me?” I asked him and didn’t have to wait for him to answer… He loved me.

The dilemma is: I couldn’t tell Peace. It would shatter her esteem that a Man she loved found her unlovable. So I lied to her. Tried to help her move on, introduced her to nice eligible men. Talked ill of Daniel. But my friend still pines for him, which I totally understand because I know Dan.

Some people have advised me to leave Daniel. They believe she would think I stole him while pretending to help her.
I cherish our friendship, we are practically sisters.
I love Dan, he wants to marry me.
Dear Readers,
I am totally confused and scared.
Peace would loose her mind if she finds out I’m marrying Her Daniel, My Dan.
Its being six months since I got back and she’s still hanging on to faith that Dan would return.
The secrecy is so killing me.
Dan is getting impatient with the wait, he wants to meet my people and fix the date for our wedding.
What do I do?
How do I handle my friend and still get her to be my Maid of honor?

I really need your advise!
Waiting to hear from you.


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