Music crush monday: Nneka

Standing on the stage, head covered tuning her guitar. She seems unbothered by the noise from the audience. Everybody was talking at the same time, most didn’t understand what she was here for, then she raised her head, took a breath and belt the first note. The crowd fell silent as her sonorous voice echoed through the night, Nneka had begun.

Born Nneka Lucia Egbuna on the 23rd of December 1980, Nneka’s music reflects her history and life in Nigeria and her time spent in western Europe. Her songs speak mostly on issues surrounding capitalism, war, and ills within the society.

Although Nneka sings more than she raps, she names hip hop as her most important source of inspiration, while citing artists such as Fela Kuti and Bob Marley as well as contemporary rappers Mos Def, and Lauryn Hill as key influences in her style of music.

Nneka has performed on stages worldwide and has a couple of tours to her credit.

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