Soyinka’s threat might land him in American prison

Professor Wole Soyinka

Following the threat and promise(s) made by Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka to tear his American resident permit if Donald Trump wins the American election plus him leaving America come 20th January 2017 when Trump is inaugurated, an Abuja based lawyer, Kayode Ajulo has warned Soyinka against such act, as he could run into trouble with the American law for it.

In an interview with Vanguard newspaper on Thursday, November 10th, the lawyer revealed that under the American law, it is a serious offence to loose your American passport, and intentionally destroying it will put one in serious trouble as it will be seen as a wishful destruction of Government’s property.

The lawyer therefore, urged Soyinka to maintain his good name and resist the act of going through with his threat noting that he is far better and far bigger than that because such act is provocative and unacceptable, which might eventually ruin his name globally.

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