The fear of Olamide is the beginning of wisdom- Kemi Olunloyo eats her words

The fear of Olamide is the beginning of wisdom- Kemi Olunloyo eats her words

Investigative journalism is one of the most recognized types of journalism and synonymous with fearless journalism. This is the kind if journalism supposedly practiced by popular snitch lady Kemi Olunloyo.

Her Instagram page went ablaze yesterday after she threatened to expose one of Nigeria’s superstar; rapper Olamide.

However, it seems the daughter self-acclaimed media queen bit more than she could chew and hurriedly spat it out.

Fans and trolls waited endlessly for the secret which according to her would expose Olamide’s occult ways and also prove to us that she had been right all along.

Well, I can authoritatively tell you that nothing of such happened until the end of yesterday and even as at this morning.

Instead, something else happened, in fact, two things.

One, the account of Kemi Olunloyo went under lock and key for several hours. Thank God for spare keys. Then, as at this morning, the previous post grew wings and flew away.

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In our dictionary, that is not fearless journalism.

Having said these, what really happened behind the scenes? A pacification or a threat?

Was Olamide able to reach out to Ms Olunloyo with a “Don’t destroy my life” pacification or an “I will destroy your life threat”?

However it went down, one thing is certain: Olunloyo swallowed her words! Yes, and if we do not take her seriously henceforth, we are justified.



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