Timi Dakolo vs Darey Art Alade, who is your favorite singer?

There are musicians and there are musicians… the Nigerian entertainment industry can indeed boast of many talented singers. However, it is clear that while some are just entertainers, some are musicians in the real sense of the word.

A lot of Nigerian musicians can only thrill their audiences on the stage by miming their own songs. In some cases, when technical problems arise, they can not go on until the problem is solved. Basically, this indicates that most are just performers while few are really musicians.

Of the many musicians Nigeria can boast of, Timi Dakolo and Darey Art Alade are two strong singers to be reckoned with as far as good music composition and production is concerned. Both artistes have strong vocal abilities that can stand the test of any stage. Timi Dakolo and Darey Alade were both products of musical talent hunt shows.

Still, if they were both to be thrown on the spotlight for a music competition, one of them will definitely emerge the winner. Now, who would you put your money on? Darey Art Alade or Timi Dakolo?

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