Top 10 Quick Online Loans In Nigeria


Almost everyone has thought about getting a at one point or the order but today quations is are you thinking about how to get quick and instant in ? and their loan sites can meet your personal loan needs.

This list was compiled based on Alexa rankings on 10th of September, 2018. Though, it’s now possible to , kindly read the terms and conditions of each online lending platform. This list is for information purposes only.

These online lending platforms can help Lagosians get a quick loan in Lagos or anyone who wants to borrow money online in Nigeria.

Loans have been trending as the solution and micro finance banks, are adopting a way to rid the society of financial exclusion. Even corps members now take quick Nysc loan to cater for their financial needs

Although the spotlight has been focusing on the masses, especially the petty traders, but it is quite unfortunate that not all masses are as opportune as the petty traders due to some valid reasons.

In as much as it is unwise to go to commercial banks for personal loans, and some other kinds of loans, it is also not easy to get cash loans from micro finance banks. Fortunately, online loans have joined in giving whiplashes to financial exclusion.

Online loans in Nigeria? Surprising yet true, considering what it takes to survive in the blessed country. Online loans in Nigeria are lending platforms that offer loans in Nigeria, no queuing, no fee charge for loan application, and other exciting features.

Some lending platforms offer these quick loans without collateral, while some require a form of asset for collateral.

Top 10 Quick Online Loans In Nigeria

  1. Paylater
  2. Quick loan - quick online loans in Nigeria lending platform

    A product of OneFi, ranking 1,669th website in Nigeria, offers online loans in Nigeria. You can visit for more information.

  3. Fint
  4. quick loan - quick loans in Nigeria Fint

    3,652nd website in Nigeria is a platform where lenders meet borrowers, or vice versa, for online loans in Nigeria. Fint risk assessment, which cost #3, 000, determines your eligibility for a loan.

    Loan amount offered are between #60, 000 – #2, 000, 000. Repayment duration is done on fixed term of 3, 6, or 12 months. Interest rates on loan can be as low as 2% monthly.

    It is also one of the lending platforms that offer quick loans without collateral in Nigeria. Before disbursement of loan to bank account, a commitment fee of 8% must be paid by the lender. Visit

  5. Zedvance

    This is a platform that offers online loans in Nigeria, which include personal loans, travel loans, group loans.

    They offer loans worth #3, 000, 000 to be paid back in 12 months with interest rate of 3.75 – 4.5% monthly.

    They currently give loans to salary earners only. for more information. They rank 7,738th website in Nigeria.

  7. Kwikcash
  8. quick loan - quick online loans in Nigeria kwickcash

    Want to borrow money in Nigeria? Kwickcash is an online lending platform, created by “partnership between banks, mobile operators and technology companies”, that offers online loans in Nigeria.

    It offers loan amount of up to #500,000 with no collateral. The repayment duration is between 14 – 30 days with interest rate 5 – 15%. It is ranked the 9,113th website in Nigeria.

  9. Quick Check
  10. quick loan - Quick Check to borrow money online in nigeria

    Another lending platform, that offers quick loans in Lagos, to the “undeserved” in a bid to promote financial inclusion. Quickcheck is ranked 9,153rd website in the country. Care to have “a bank in your pocket”? Visit

  11. C24 Loans
  12. quick loan - online loans in Nigeria C24

    C24 offers online loans in Nigeria with maximum loan amount of 2 million to be repaid with affordable low interest rate in maximum of 9 months.

    This 7,136th website, in Nigeria, offers quick loans in Lagos that are easy to apply for. visit

  13. KiaKia Online Loans In Nigeria
  14. Quick loan - Mr K and Kiaka online loans in Nigeria

    One of the online lending platforms that offer quick loans in Lagos, ranks 5,576th website in Nigeria.

    The maximum loan amount is #5, 000, 000, with maximum repayment period of 6 months (for existing applicants) and 30 days (for first time applicants).

    You can follow this link to ask Mr K. for more details.

  15. Specta
  16. Quick loan - quick online loans in Nigeria Specta loans

    A mobile lending platform, by sterling bank, that gives online loans in Nigeria, not more than 5 million for personal loan, wedding finance, etc. It ranks 7, 003rd website in Nigeria.

    It offers loan without collateral, no paper works, instant scoring, and disbursement is done within 5 minutes after approval. They do not just offer quick loans in Lagos but nationwide.

  17. CreditVille
  18. Quick loan - Creditville limited online loans in Nigeria, ranking 12,471st website in Nigeria, is a mobile lending platform that offers online loans in Nigeria.

    The maximum amount of loan is #250,000, with varying minimum loan amounts. The maximum loan duration is 12 months.

    Loan amount offered is dependent on individual source of income, and repayment history (for existing users).

  19. Snap Credit
  20. Quick loan - online loans in Nigeria by snap credit

    Snapcredit offers online loans in Nigeria with interest rates varying with amount of money loaned and repayment period. Disbursement occurs within few minutes after loan request has been confirmed.

    Repayment of loans, on this 12,531st website in Nigeria, is done through salary. also offers multiple loans.

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Quick Online Loans In Nigeria (Summary)

There you have it! My list of top 1o online loans in Nigeria. As you have seen, some online lending platforms require collateral while some are without collateral.

Whatever you do, try as much as possible to check out the terms and conditions of each platform, and also the interest rates and pay back time frame before you put in for an application.

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